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DeWalt DWS713 Review – Just as good as its predecessor?

To justify its affordable price-tag, the DWS713 doesn’t come with a lot of fancy features like you would get from a double bevel saw like its big bad brother, the DWS780.  But don’t let the low cost fool you. In this DWS713 review, I’ll show you just how good this entry-level miter saw can be.

At only 31 pounds (4 pounds lighter than its predecessor) it is a very portable saw to bring with you to job sites. Great for having right next to you for quick trims. 

DeWalt DWS713 Review


dws713 review
Cutting Capacity
Dust Collection


For an incredible price, the DWS713 is a lightweight and durable tool made by a reputable brand. Perfect for on the job use and just as good as its widely-sold predecessor!


Disclaimer: This is a review of the 2019 version DeWalt DWS713, not its predecessor the DeWalt DW713.

What you get out of the box:

The saw comes ready to use out of the box. The carbide blade comes attached making it a question of taking the styrofoam off and plugging it in. Also included comes the blade removal wrench, a standard dust bag, and a vertical clamp.

Cutting Capacity

This miter saw is very similar to its brother the dws715 in almost every aspect, except its blade size. While the dws715 is a 12-inch miter saw, this one comes with a 10-inch blade. This means the cutting capacity is slightly lower due to the smaller blade. 

But honestly, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Both miter saws come with a single bevel which means the blade can tilt 0 to 48-degrees to the left. This is used for compound and bevel cuts, which are often used for finishing. 

This 10-inch miter saw comes with 14 positive stops on the stainless steel miter detent plate which means you can lock in all the most common angles with ease, ensuring a dead-accurate and easy cutting experience. 

With the 15 amp motor and up to 5000rpm this powerful miter saw will give you very smooth cuts, making it great for cutting baseboards and fancy crown molding. Speaking of which, it’s capable of doing up to 3-1/2” base molding vertically and 4-1/2 crown molding nested. 

Pretty much all you need for most jobs.

Swapping out the blades

This saw originally comes with a 10” carbide tipped blade which does a surprisingly good job for an included-in-the-box blade. Say you would want to swap it for a better one you can easily do so in under 5 minutes with some help from the manual. 

How portable is the DWS713

DeWalt DWS713 review portable

At 31 pounds the DWS713 is one of the most portable miter saws in its price category. I’ve found this blade super fast and easy to move around, an absolute dream to have with you on the job. Does most of the cuts too so I could leave my big, bulky GCM12SD in the shop for the bigger cuts and take this with me during the day. 

If portability is a big factor for you, look no further.

Dust collection

Nobody likes cleaning up, that’s why DeWalt includes a standard dust bag in this model. This will help a bit in sawdust collection but it definitely doesn’t create any miracles. The bag is quite small so you’ll have to empty it often. But I’d rather clear out the bag than clean my workspace.

Is the DWS713 durable?

We can’t say for certain this will be a durable product as it’s only a couple months old but it comes with the exceptional built-quality you can expect from DeWalt products. And if its predecessor is any reference, this will be a saw to buy once and use for a lifetime. 

Is the DWS713 Suitable for beginners?

A question I get asked frequently is what is the perfect saw for beginners in carpentry and woodworking? This saw doesn’t come with a whole lot of fancy features making it perfect for anyone new to the game.

For an affordable price tag, you’ll be getting a premium saw that’s easy to use, with accurate miter and bevel angles thanks to the 14 positive stops. DeWalt is a quality brand so I can guarantee you it will be a great purchase.


This device, just like every other DeWalt tool – comes with its signature guarantees: 

  • 3-year warranty
  • 1-year free service
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.

The 3-year limited warranty will repair, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for three years after purchasing. 


DeWalt makes safe tools. If you’re one that worries about safety often (and you should, these aren’t toys) DeWalt’s tools are about as safe as they come. 

The blade guard on the dws713 is transparent and made of hard plastic. Making it easy to see the blade and avoid unsuspected surprises. 

Miter saw safety is very important. Always read the manual before use and make sure you know how to safely use a miter saw.

DWS713 vs DW713

Many of you know or probably have even used the widely-sold DeWalt DW713. This now discontinued model was a favorite amongst many so a lot of people are wondering: is the DWS713 just as good as the DW713 was?

I too, as a frequent DeWalt user was wondering this very question so I decided to hold a quick comparison between the two, here are my findings.

Except for a little bit of a revamp, both miter saws look almost identical in design. After testing a couple 2x4s on both models I can say the newer DWS713 was just a teensy bit smoother but barely noticeable. I would definitely not upgrade your current model unless it’s broken.

Featurewise, the new DWS713 comes with 3 more positive stops, a vertical clamp and a new safety trigger on the handle over its predecessor the DW713. This makes the DWS713 a nice refreshment from the original DW713.

DWS713 vs DWS715

Do I want a 10 or 12-inch miter saw? A true head-scratching question for first-time buyers, I’ve been there. The easy answer is both. But that’s not the budget-friendly one is it ;-).

Being brothers, both saws are very similar. In the DWS713 you’ll get a cheaper, slightly more portable saw that does slightly smoother cuts over the DWS715. While the DWS715 will have a slightly wider cut capacity.

Due to the limited distinction, I can’t imagine you will regret going with either miter saw. 

Check out our review of the DWS715 here.

What I liked and didn’t like

I have very little complaints about this miter saw, maybe the only one I can come up with right off the bad is that the handle isn’t cushioned. This could be a problem during constant use but then again this isn’t a miter saw advertised for that kind of job. On the job site, for quick trims, the vibrations are barely noticeable and never bothered me too much. 

About the good, I enjoy the portable, lightweight and compact design which makes transportation a breeze. The stock blade is good enough that you don’t have to upgrade right away and the cuts are very smooth. All around a nifty tool for an incredible price.

Is the dws715 compatible with the dws7085 XPS LED Light?

I’ve included this section to answer a frequent question online. The answer is no it cannot! Do buy the XPS led light as an extension for this saw, it won’t work! The XPS upgrade is only compatible with the advertised DW717 & DW718. If you really want the XPS LED lighting system you might want to look into the DWS780. 

DWS713 Review – Final Conclusion

Considering this is a refresher of one of our favorite job site saws I’ve used over the years the DW713, I can’t help but love this one already. It’s a great miter for moving around the job-site with ease. 

This easy-to-use, affordable and precise miter saw is truly one of the best “entry-level” miter saws on the market. Perfect for the everyday DIYers and professional contractors alike. 

Hopefully, this DWS713 review clears up some questions you may have had. If you enjoyed it, be sure to check out our other miter saw reviews!

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