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DWE7485 Review is it better than its predecessor?

DWE7485 Review

Review by James

DWE7485 reviewed
Power & Rip Capacity


The DWE7485 is a lightweight and portable table saw for an affordable price. In this article, we test out and compare the renewed version to older models such as the DWE7480 and the DCS7485.


The DWE7485 is DeWalt’s new “shrunk” job-site table saw. I say shrunk, because well it holds a 8-1/4” blade and.. a smaller table. This is the new version of the once-beloved but now discontinued DeWalt DWE7480 table saw. 

What’s in the box?

  • DWE7485 8-1/4 inch Job Site Table Saw
  • 8-1/4 inch Blade
  • 2 Wrenches for blade swapping
  • anti-kickback pawls
  • miter gauge
  • push stick
  • modular guard system

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Review of the DWE7485 Cutting Capacity

The DWE7485 comes with a 15 amp motor and a blade speed of 5800rpm. Quite a bit faster than other table saws in its class, thanks to the smaller blade size. You can actually compare its cutting capacity to the DCS7485 flex volt table saw, which is a slightly more expensive but cordless version of this table saw if you’re interested in such a thing. 

Dust collection

One 2-1/2” dust port is available. This table saw does not come with a dust bag so if you plan to use this in your workshop and you don’t own a shop vac, you might want to consider buying one. If you do own a shop vac, make sure to check if the port will be compatible, if not you can get an adapter. 

Dust collection on this tool is consistent and efficient. I experienced little build-up when bringing this tool on the job-site (I used a shop vac). 

Included Safety Measures

This table saw features DeWalt’s Modular Guard System

Other safety measures include: Push stick for pushing the workpieces instead of using your hands, anti-kickback pawls and riving knife. 

Why did DeWalt come out with a smaller job-site table saw? 

Turns out it was a regulation thing. Safety Standards Organisation UL updates to 62841-3-1 went into effect on August 2019 and read “the table of a table saw has to be of certain ratios on the left, right, front, and back of the blade based on the blade size.” Read more here. 

The Build Quality

I believe DeWalt makes quality products that are durable and reliable, the DWE74850 is no different in this aspect. This product features a metal roll cage for increases durability. Some parts are made from hard plastic. 

The included miter gauge feels cheaply made and flimsy, but for a table saw at this price point I’m really not going to complain. 

DWE7485 Job-Site Portability

While the DWE7485 doesn’t come with a rollable stand like other job-site table saws DeWalt offers, that also means its a lot lighter. At only 46 pounds this tool is light enough to carry around. I did end up mounting it to my DWE7491RS’ rollable stand though. I’d recommend you look into a stand yourself. If you have limited funds, you can always make your own. 

Is the DWE7485 better than the DWE7480? – DWE7485 vs DWE7480

So how does the DWE7485 fare vs the DWE7480? The DeWalt DWE7485 is the predecessor of the discontinued 10-inch job site table saw DeWalt DWE7480. The latter being a well-regarded, positively reviewed job site table saw at a competitive price point. There is little to find online about the former. So let’s compare the two, shall we?

The similarities:

Both come with: rack and pinion fencing system, onboard storage and the same 24 1/2 inch rip capacity. Even the price (you can still purchase the older version on some websites including Amazon) is the same. 

The differences:

While the DWE7480 came with a 10-inch blade, the DWE7485 comes with a slightly smaller 8 1/4 inch blade and a moderately smaller table surface. One thing the new model has going for itself? A Blade speed of 5800rpm. Yep, smaller does mean faster. 

DWE7485 vs DWE7480 – The Verdict

The DWE7485 seems like a quick and sloppy remake of its predecessor to comply with the new regulations. With the new version, you might have a faster blade which means slightly smoother cuts but you miss out on blade and table size. Though its a little bit safer .. I guess? 

Personal Impression on the DWE7485 Compact Table Saw

Despite it’s smaller blade size, this compact table saw does a good job handling harder wood-types. The weight is relatively low at 46lbs and you can store every component on board which is always a huge plus.

The stock blade does the job but nothing to write home about. With a rip capacity of 24-1/2 inches, this makes a good option for contractors seeking a job-site-friendly table saw. 

I think the current the price is very fair. (Amazon promotion at the time of writing

what I liked

  • onboard storage available
  • rack and pinion fence system is incredibly accurate and satisfying to use
  • 5800RPM compared to the 3850RPM from the 10″ DW745

What I didn’t like

  • despite the smaller blade, it weighs 10lbs more than the 10” DW745
  • small table with no out-feed
  • cannot add a dado stack

DWE7485 review – final conclusion

Almost identical to the now discontinued DWE7480, the DWE7485 brings little new to the table. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a good table saw at a very fair price point. If you don’t mind the smaller blade, this is a great tool for professionals who need a portable table saw. 

DWE7485 vs DCS7485 (flex volt) 

Like I’ve mentioned in my review of the cutting capacity of the DWE7485, the DCS7485 is very similar except for the fact that the latter is completely cordless. Whether or not a cordless power tool is better is up you as the user. You might find yourself at a job-site sometime without power, or maybe there isn’t any socket around. In these cases, it would be largely beneficial to get a cordless model over the corded one. 

But if you’re not frequently visiting rough-shape job sites it really doesn’t make any sense to spend the extra hundred.

Cordless tools need to be charged constantly, which can get annoying, especially if your table saw is mainly used in your shop where it might as well be plugged in. 

The similarities

  • Rack and Pinion fence system
  • Identical On-board storage 
  • 5800 no-load speed

The differences

  • DCS7485 is cordless
  • DWE7485 has a rip capacity of ½ inch higher than the DCS7485
  • A price difference of around 100$, the DCS7485 being more expensive
  • DCS7485 has a slightly larger table

The verdict

Both models are too similar to accurately compare them. Both are decent table saws at a good price point. For a slightly higher price you can get the cordless version which would be beneficial for professionals who work a lot of job sites. The cheaper DWE7480 is better for those who work from home. 

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