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DWS715 Review – is it better than its predecessor?

DWS715 12 inch miter saw review

DWS715 review

Review by James

Cutting Capacity
Dust Collection


Summary: For an affordable price, the DWS715 is a lightweight, durable tool that’s great for transporting around the job site. It’s fairly accurate and the cutting capacity is sufficient for most projects. 


If you’re inexperienced, finding the right miter saw can be a difficult and daunting task. Being part of a big family, I often get asked by my brothers-in-law to help with purchasing the right tools. I’ve found that they tend to go for the first model they fancy, without taking much into consideration in what they want to get out of the product. 

The DWS715 is the new version of the beloved but discontinued DeWalt DW715. Those familiar with DeWalt know they are a well-respected brand that makes quality power tools. if you do opt for one of their products – I can assure you you’ll get a reliable tool. 

What comes in the box

  • DWS715 Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw
  • 12-inch Carbide Blade
  • Standard Dust Bag
  • Vertical Clamp
  • Blade Wrench

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Cutting Capacity

The DWS715 is a 12” miter saw powered by a 15 amp motor that delivers a no-load speed of 4000rpm. As a single compound miter saw, the blade is capable of beveling 0° –  48° to the left. It’s also advertised as being able to go 0° – 3° to the right but that means next to nothing. 

Cutting baseboards is a breeze with this saw. You can cut vertically up to 6-½” tall due to the tall sliding fences. Crown molding goes up to 5-¼ nested. 

The steel miter detent table comes with 14 positive stops that will ensure you great cutting accuracy. You can easily override these stops if you need to by using the miter detent override that is built into the saw. 

All-around this a great miter saw capable of accomplishing a multitude of projects from picture frames to trim molding to doors, the list could go on and on!

Is DWS715 portable? 

DWS715 miter saw folded

At only 36lbs, this miter saw is incredibly portable and great for bringing to job sites.

While I don’t own this saw myself, I have to admit it is a lot easier to carry around the workplace than my dws780. It’s satisfying how nicely the blade folds into the table, making it look nice and compact. The built-in carry handle made moving around the job site easy. 


Being the newer version of the beloved, discontinued DeWalt DW715, we have nothing but complete faith it will be just as durable. I know contractors that have owned these saws for over 10-15 years without issue. 

Nothing about this saw looks or feels cheaply made, something you can’t say about all the miter saws on the market. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with the reliable build-quality of a DeWalt saw. 

This saw will come with the classic DeWalt warranty which offers:

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year of free service
  • 3 year limited warranty

Dust collection

I won’t go too in-depth as I’m known to be a bit picky when it comes to dust collection, an issue on lower-end miter saws. In all honesty, it’s fine. The included dust bag helps catch around half of the sawdust, which is better than nothing. As always I recommend you hook it up to a shop vac if you have one. 

My honest thoughts about the DWS715

What are my thoughts after trying out the new DWS715? 

What I liked

For a more-than-acceptable price, you get a complete miter saw – capable of most tasks. Being lightweight and compact, DWS715 is highly portable which is a plus for anyone who needs a saw to move around the job sites. The 14 positive stops are satisfying to use and allow very accurate cuts. 

All around I have to admit I’m very impressed by this revised version of the DW715, proving once again you can’t go wrong with a DeWalt tool. 

What I didn’t like

While DeWalt made some improvements over its predecessor, such as a decrease in weight and extra positive stops, I didn’t like that they got rid of the cam lock miter on the handle. 

Personally I prefer to work with a double bevel sliding miter saw for its increased capacity, but if you’re on a budget or looking for a saw to perform quick trims on the job site, this need not be a major consideration. 

Comparison Time

DeWalt has a couple more 12” miter saw models, let’s compare them. 

DWS715 vs DW716

DeWalt DW716 miter saw

These are pretty similar miter saws, both are 12” and made by DeWalt. The main difference is the location of the motor. While the motor of the DWS715 is in the front, the motor of the DW716 is located in the back. Making the DW716 capable of beveling in both directions. 

This, of course, comes at a significantly higher price. Unless you’re going to be doing a lot of finish carpentry like crown molding, where beveling in both directions will save you a lot of time and effort,  I would opt for the DWS715. 

I don’t think the second bevel justifies the price increase of the DW716 over the single bevel model. The dual-bevel application would only be useful to someone who needs to do a lot of crown molding or other finish carpentry and in this case, I would rather opt for a sliding version such as the DWS780.

If you want a portable miter saw, go for the DWS715, if you need a dual-bevel one, you might want to consider the DWS780, let’s compare them. 

DWS715 vs DWS780

Dewalt dws780 vs Dewalt dws715

Both these models are 12” inch miter saws made by DeWalt. But that’s about the extent of their similarities.

The DWS715 is a 12-inch single bevel miter saw while the DWS780 is a 12-inch double bevel sliding miter saw.

The former comes with a significant increase in cutting capacity due to the availability of sliding the blade forward and backwards. This means far wider workpieces can be cut with this saw. Since this is also a double bevel miter saw, it’s more convenient for handling projects like crown and other trim molding. 

Of course, the DWS780 comes at a significant price increase for its increased features. And at 56 pounds, it is heavier and bulkier.

DWS715 vs DW715

Which is better? The beloved predecessor or the newer but revamped model? Specifications-wise this is the exact same model. Both come with the 15 amp 4000RPM motor, 11 positive stops, 4 bevel stops, and more.  

The DWS715 comes with a cheap hold-down clamp, we’re unsure whether or not the DW715 came with a clamp at all. 

We did a little side-by-side comparison to see which would perform the best. The dws715 gave us a slightly smoother cut on most pieces. But then again, my brother’s DW715 blade wasn’t exactly brand new. 

Don’t upgrade if you already have the DW715 but if you’re in the market for a 12-inch miter saw, I’d go for the newer version. The DWS715 is one of my current favorite saws and I highly recommend it, especially for the price. 

Both models are discounted on Amazon

DWS715 review: Final conclusion

Feature-wise, it definitely isn’t on the same level as the DWS780 but for its price, this is an amazing miter saw for occasional hobbyists.  

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