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Metabo HPT C10FCG review – The cheapest miter saw

Metabo HPT C10FCG Review


metabo hpt c10fcg review
Cutting Capacity
Dust Collection


Summary: The Metabo HPT C10FCGS 10-inch compound miter saw is a great entry-level saw at an incredibly low price. It does the advertised job, has a good cutting capacity, is super portable but lacks a bit in design and durability. 


Hitachi Changes Name to Metabo

The Metabo HPT C10FCGS 10” compound miter saw is Hitachi’s (now Metabo HPT) new version of the Hitachi C10FCGS, a saw known and beloved for its cutting capacity, portability, and incredibly low price. 

Let’s open up the box. What we get in front of us a surprisingly small single bevel miter saw. It still has the classic green Hitachi look and besides the new “Metabo” logo this saw doesn’t look much different from its predecessor. 

The design is simple, a bit cheap looking but they had to cut costs somewhere. 

What’s included in the box:

  • 24 tooth blade
  • Standard dust bag
  • Hex bar wrench

Cutting Capacity On The Metabo C10FCG

metabo hpt c10fcg review

This 10-inch miter saw comes with a 15 amp motor that performs at 5000rpm. You can bevel the blade from 0 to 45-degrees to the left and the miter angles are 0 to 52-degrees in both directions. All around impressive stats for a budget saw. 

What I Liked About The Metabo C10FCG

  • Portable, lightweight design at only 24 pounds
  • Super budget
  • Good cutting capacity with bevels from 0 – 45 degrees to the left and miter angles from 0 – 52 degrees in both directions
  • The table is surprisingly large and offers good support

What I Didn’t Like

So you must be thinking: this all sounds too good to be true, wrong with it? I found the blade is a little on the rough side, in that it comes at a low teeth density of 24. This results in pretty rough cuts making the saw not optimal for finishing. Most miter saws nowadays come with a stock blade of mid-range teeth density to accommodate most cuts. 

Another downer, as I mentioned in the intro – the built quality is cheap-looking. A lot of cheap plastic instantly makes you wonder if this is a durable tool. I did some digging online and found quite a bit of complaints regarding durability, some customers reporting the motor giving in after just months of use. 

To sum up:

  • Rough 24T blade; not great for finishing
  • Cheap-looking design

Who is this miter saw for?

This saw is good for entry-level work, so the occasional hobbyist, DIYer or anyone wanting to dip their toes in the water would be a good audience for this tool. I would not recommend it for professional use, while it does the advertised job – this is not a tool capable of holding up a whole day’s work.

If you’re a professional you should invest a little more, if budget really is a concern you should look into the dw713 but definitely not this one. It won’t do you any good on professional, daily use.

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For anyone new to woodworking/carpentry, this tool will be a good stepping stone. 

Dust collection

A dust collecting bag is provided with this miter saw. This helps collect sawdust and reduces your cleanup. Unsurprisingly the dust bag doesn’t perform any miracles and attaching a shop vac is recommend – if you have one. 


This miter saw is covered by Metabos 5 year warranty. When I got mine I had to sign up on the forums to be covered so don’t forget that if you end up buying this miter saw.

Where to buy the Metabo HPT C10FCG 

You can get this saw online on Amazon or pick it up from any big box store. If you choose to do the former, make sure you don’t get sold an older model or an increased price. 

If you want convenience, Amazon’s delivery is very fast and the user experience is always great. 

Is The Metabo C10FCG as good as the Hitachi C10FCG?

The Hitachi C10FCG is a beloved model for its incredible pricing. Surprisingly this discontinued version is still available on Amazon for an increased price compared to the renamed version.

I don’t know why you would pay more though, as the Metabo HPT C10FCG is almost identical to the previous Hitachi C10FCG, including a cleaned-up design.

Metabo C10FCG Review – Final Conclusion

For a very low price, you’ll get a pretty decent saw. The rebranded Metabo C10FCGS is good for beginners or occasional hobbyists but not so much for daily, professional use.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this Metabo C10FCG Review. If you have any questions regarding the product, feel free to ask them below.

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