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woodworking tools crossword clue solutions

Quick Summary: Finishing up a crossword puzzle but can’t seem to solve the woodworking clue? Don’t worry I got you, check the list I compiled below for any woodworking tools crossword clue.

Last weekend, my wife and I had my sister, her husband their kids over from New York. They came all the way down to Louisiana for my wife’s 35th birthday. We had a lovely dinner Saturday night with family board games and a friendly match of beer pong after the kids went to bed. 

When I woke up the next morning at 7 am, my usual time. I went downstairs to get my early morning coffee, to my surprise my baby sister was already crawled up on the couch with a cup of black coffee (the only way to drink coffee) and a crossword puzzle on her lap.

When she noticed me climbing down the stairs she enthusiastically yelled “MIKE. I NEED YOU! HELP YOUR SISTER OUT!”. She was never this excited to see me, I thought to myself. “I need a 7 letter word, the clue is finishing tool.” That’s easy! — I replied, “Sanders should do”. 

Afterward, I asked her why she didn’t just google the term “woodworking tools crossword clue” to which she replied “I did.. Still couldn’t find it.” A little judgemental about my sisters Googling skills (she had never been one to spend much time behind screens) I decided to try the search out for myself. To my disbelief, the search for “woodworking tools crossword clue” let to a bunch of crossword sites with little actual helpful results. 

Woodworking tools crossword clues

So for the heck of it, I decided to write this article to help anyone whos stuck completing a crossword puzzle regarding woodworking, carpentry and power tools.

Woodworking Tools Crossword ClueDefinition
TablesawElectric Power tool, Circular saw connected to a table surface, primarily used for rip cutting jobs
MitersawElectric Power tool, Circular saw that slices from top to bottom. Capable of making angled cuts or miters, and bevel cuts
Planerwoodworking device to trim boards to a consistent thickness
RipsawHand tool (saw), specifically used for making rip cuts
ChiselHand tool, used for carving wood by hand
DrillElectric tool, primarily used for drilling round holes
FretsawHand tool, a kind of bow saw
FileHand tool, used to remove small pieces of material from wood
buzzsawPower tool, handheld circular saw
RoutersBoth handheld and power tool, used to hollow out a workpiece
AdzeHandheld cutting tool, used for carving wood
Awlhand tool, used for layout
RaspHand tool, Coarse kind of woodworking file

List of possible crossword clues

  • Woodworker’s tool
  • Carpenter’s tool
  • Chisel like tool
  • File like tool
  • Axe like tool
  • Wood cutter
  • Cooper’s tool
  • lumberjack’s tool
  • Wood shaper

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